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Traffic Violations


Limiting the Damage from Traffic Violations

Oftentimes, individuals find themselves distracted while they are driving. These distractions may lead to a violation of a traffic law. To discuss your traffic citation with an experienced lawyer, contact The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes by e-mail or by calling 757-282-6181.

From my office in Virginia Beach, I also defend visitors to the state of Virginia, including truck drivers and tourists, to keep them from having to return to court here. Our focus is the reduction of potential penalties, including jail time, fines and future ramifications. While I may not get the charges dropped, I may be able to get the consequences reduced.

Comprehensive Defense of Traffic Violations

My law office represents clients charged with a wide range of traffic violations. Attorney Elizabeth K. Barnes offers experienced traffic law defense for:

  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Parking tickets
  • Other moving violations


I provide the critical defense required for clients charged with DUI/DWI. My goals are to keep you from serving jail time while also attempting to reduce the likelihood of revocation of your driving license. I work with you to develop individualized strategies for defense, listening to your side of the story and planning around it.

I look at all technical aspects of the case, including the initial stop, the procedures administered by the officer and the reading of your rights, to ensure that all laws were followed to the letter. If there are any potential problems within any of these areas, you can be assured that I will investigate fully and defend your rights.

Important Steps to Take When Charged With a Traffic Violation

When you are charged with a traffic violation, it is important to get an attorney involved immediately. I also suggest our clients take a preventative driver's education course to make a solid impact on the judge hearing your case.

To discuss your traffic violation charges with an attorney, contact The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes at 757-282-6181 or by e-mail.

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