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Virginia Beach Family Law and Military Divorce Lawyer

Divorce and family law are complex emotional and financial matters requiring delicate handling with an understanding of a wide range of factors. When you are dealing with military divorce, the matter becomes much more complicated with matters of relocations and military benefits.

At The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes, I have the understanding you need to handle these matters, whether you are facing a typical family law situation or must also navigate more complex issues that face active duty military members and military families.

Virginia Beach Family Law and Military Divorce Attorney

While much of my practice revolves around family law, I also handle criminal cases, including juvenile offenses, domestic violence, and protective orders. Because many of these matters stem from family law issues, I have an advantage in representing these clients. My familiarity with family law becomes invaluable when understanding the underlying issues that are influencing the criminal charges.

I provide a compassionate and skilled service to my clients. From step-parent adoptions and child custody agreements to divorce and support, I recognize that you are facing some of the most emotionally trying circumstances of your life. I am committed to helping families shoulder the weight of these decisions and proceedings, working to arrive at a speedy decision so that families can move on to the next phase of their life with minimal stress.

I am highly accessible to clients. Your phone call will be returned in a timely manner and your questions answered. Clients find that I am understanding of their specific needs and flexible to their wishes.

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