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Child Protective Services Lawyer

Cases of alleged child abuse or neglect are can often be very grave and saddening. They do not have to prevent a family from being together as a secure family unit. At The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes, I work to bring families back together through navigation of the legal system in addition to helping them find and pursue the treatment and services needed to create a safe and stable family unit.

Virginia Beach Child Protective Services Attorney

The Department of Human Services or Department of Social Services, and the Division of Child Protective Services may become involved with your family if there is suspected child abuse or neglect. When your child is in danger, I can work to help protect him or her, helping you request a child protective order, or requesting that your child be removed from a dangerous home, in order to protect the child from dangerous situations. This includes situations of protective custody and child dependence.

I also work with the parents accused of abuse or neglect, helping the parents defend their rights and to locate the services they need to be able to provide a stable and healthy environment for the children.

I assist parents in reconnecting with their children, whether that involves bringing the children home, finding placement with family or friends. My ultimate goal is to ensure that children are reunited with their families in strong, safe, households.

Norfolk Parental Rights Attorney

In cases where the court has taken a child into the custody of the state by the Department of Human Services, the Department of Social Services, or Child Protective Services, I offer representation to parents seeking to regain custody of their children. I assist parents in reinstating their parental rights through legal process. I hope to prove that the parents are able to provide a suitable environment for the children, returning the children from foster parent situations.

Given my broad experience in family law, I am able to provide services in a wide range of situations. When you are confused and willing to do anything to bring your family back together, I can help. I will help you navigate the legal process and locate the services you need to provide a healthy and stable environment for your children.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer experienced in child abuse and child protective services cases, please call The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes today at 757-716-5741.