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Child Support

Gaining Support When You Need It

Life following a divorce can be challenging if you have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Ensuring that you and your children receive the support necessary to your continued survival is vital.

The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes assists clients in obtaining fair and equitable child support or spousal support. Contact me to schedule a consultation regarding your support needs.

Child Support

Child support decisions are determined by statutory guidelines with several factors considered. These factors include the income of each parent, daycare costs, medical insurance and any additional sources of income. All factors investigated are used to decide the amount of support in simple cases.

Your lawyer’s main goal is to ensure that your children are well provided for by locating and identifying all sources of income and financial support of the parties involved. Elizabeth K. Barnes, knows where to look for all income and knows how to apply the guidelines to obtain support, including back support. She can also represent you after a support order has been in place when income of either party has changed.

Spousal Support

While alimony is generally decided during divorce proceedings, a decision can be made prior to your filing for divorce or during a legal separation.

Spousal support is determined only after a full investigation of both party’s correct incomes. The court will decide where spousal support is applicable based on need, earning capacity, ability to pay, health conditions, employment history and the grounds for the divorce.

Spousal support can be temporary in an effort to allow the recipient to seek employment that will allow them to continue their current lifestyle. The support can also be an indefinite order, lasting until the recipient remarries or passes away.

Personalized Representation

I understand that each support case is different, with several factors to be taken into consideration. I work to gather the proper information necessary and present it to the court on your behalf.

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