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Child Custody and Visitation

Virginia Child Custody Lawyer

Ensuring your ability to have an impact on your children’s lives after a divorce is paramount. Mapping an effective and fair custody and visitation plan during divorce proceedings can bring a touch or normalcy to your children’s lives during an emotional time.

The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes works with clients on an individual basis to reach a fair and equitable custody plan. I am experienced in negotiating suitable plans that ensure the welfare of children, as well as providing third party visitation rights for grandparents.

Contact me today to discuss your child visitation case during your divorce or to inquire about modification of a child custody plan that isn’t effective.

Handling Your Child Custody Concerns

I handle the majority of your child custody concerns including initial custody plans, modification of plans, enforcement, relocation and third party visitation. I represent either side of the custody proceedings, whether you are concerned about your rights as a father or as a mother.

I am available to assist at any point, during a divorce, after a divorce when the custody arrangement isn’t working, or for parties that have a child together but were never married.


The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes can assist either side of a relocation request. These often arise when the custodial parent is relocating and the move will affect the other parent’s ability to see the child. The process of relocation includes investigation of the arrangement to determine whether or not relocation is feasible and in the best interest of the children involved.

Relocation often requires the custodial parent to petition the court for permission. I work to gather necessary information to bring the petition and answer any questions that might arise during the process.

Modification and Enforcement

Once the court has decreed an arrangement, both parties are bound to abide by it. My firm can assist you in appealing for a modification if the arrangement isn’t functioning as it should or if your life circumstances have changed.

If the other party refuses to abide by the arrangement, my office can assist in seeking enforcement from the court. Each procedure requires thorough documentation of change or lack of compliance.

To speak to an attorney regarding your child custody or visitation arrangement, contact The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes via e-mail or by calling 757-716-5741.