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Legal Assistance for Virginia Divorce Cases

Marriage can be a difficult endeavor, with several challenges to overcome. When you and your spouse are unable to work through these challenges, The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes can help.

To discuss your divorce, including child custody and support concerns, contact me today. My staff is skilled in representing members of our military in divorce proceedings, offering guidance on all aspects of your separation as it relates both to you as a civilian and as a soldier.

Experienced With Virginia Divorce Laws

Your lawyer must have extensive knowledge of Virginia’s intricate divorce laws, including grounds of fault and the separation process. Attorney Elizabeth K. Barnes has worked with both fault and no fault divorces, enabling her to assist clients in all situations.

Regardless of your situation, I offer solid representation for your needs. If you and your spouse have been separated for one year (or six months in certain situations), or if there are grounds for divorce such as adultery, cruelty, abandonment or felony incarceration of your spouse, I can help.

A divorce proceeding can often be emotional and complex situation with much to be considered. I have extensive experience in both contested and uncontested divorce proceedings, enabling us to assist our clients in either mediation or settlement.

Client-Oriented Representation

You are the only one who can know what you hope to gain out of your divorce settlement. With this in mind, my office strives to understand your goals and concerns. We run everything through you; you have final approval on all steps taken and are in control of your own destiny.

My approach is truly case specific, each client has different needs and we strive to meet them. I will work to get you the best result possible, whether through mediation, settlement or trial. Attorney Barnes is familiar with all steps of the family law litigation process, and will help you determine which steps are appropriate for you.

You advise your lawyer on what you think fair property division and child custody arrangements entail. I then work for you in an effort to find a settlement that is acceptable to both parties, or present your case to judge for a final resolution. To discuss your divorce concerns, contact The Law Office of Elizabeth K. Barnes at 757-716-5741 or e-mail us today.